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Egypt, right there in the convenience of your very own National Art Gallery.

I went to Canberra to see the exhibit of Ancient Egyptian art from the Louvre today, and I have to say that is is very much worth it. There's some really beautiful pieces in the collection, many of which I wish I could have taken home. There were no souvenirs of these unfortunately. The gift shop really sucked.
Erin came along, and slept over the night before so we could leave early. I tickled her mercilessly! Since my Dad and sister are at Jamboree, my Mum drove us there. We had lunch with some old workmates of Dads at the Old Parliament House Cafe, which was really good, then went to the gallery. If you haven't seen the exhibition, I fully recommend it. Although one piece seemed to indicate to me that the Egyptians were into something very similar to slash. And now Erin wants me to learn sculpture, so I can make her nice presents. Women, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. No offence.
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